After years of collecting music videos, I have finally stumbled on the Holy Grail (well, my Holy Grail anyway) of punk rock concert footage: San Francisco's first and only rock-n-roll band, CRIME. I'm not talking about the Target Video San Quentin footage. What I have my grimy little mitts on is a full 55 minutes of live footage from several different shows. Some looks like pro-shot (on film) stuff perhaps produced for promo videos. It's amazing (see below). Then there's footage of the band hanging out in a hotel room before or after a show with a whole crowd of happy party goers. Some are wearing CRIME Fun Bus badges, which probably means that this carousing bunch was filmed in Los Angeles on one of CRIME's few trekks outside of the Bay Area. Legend has it, that way back in March 1979, the band packed into a van and, with rabid fans packed into a bus in tow, went south for some gigs. In LA they set up base at the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. I suspect that this is where this party footage is from. At some point during these hi-jinks, Darby Crash walks in and people start calling him ugly. It's defintely an ouch, but, then again, Darby was a bit of an ugmo. There's also the live "Piss On Your Dog" from San Quentin that is commonly seen as part of the Target Video promo reel. However, this version is sans Target Video logo. Nice! There's also a live show from I don't know where. The video here is over exposed and considerable whiting-out occurs but it is still very watchable. You can see all the action and the band sounds great as they belt out 10 songs with complete authority. There's a couple of other different live things on the VHS tape but what I described above is the heart of it. I am looking for anyone who might have info on actual dates and places for these shows. Please let me know if, based on the scant description above or video below, you think you might be able to assist me in discovering the origins of these recordings. I've been told that the VHS tape was once owned by a legendary collector who claimed that he got it from the band. At first it sounded like a tall tale but after watchig it (repeatedly) I believe it is very probable. Of course I wouldn't expect my discernible reader(s) to believe something simply because it's posted on the internet. So, I have included a taste of what I am talking about. Check it Out!


I just watched the Crime footage posted on your site. The first announcement "...listen you stupid hippies..." (or something like that) sounds to me like Dirk Dirkson thus by extension the venue could be Mubahay Gardens in S.F.

October 9, 2007 at 8:17 PM  

hi, any chance of getting a copy of your footage? I see johnny strike around here in SF sometimes and my good friend sees ron the ripper pass by regularly ... the show at amoeba was amazing! anyway I'd love to see the rest of this footage. In fact I would go to great lengths, um, do anything, to see it. contact me please!

February 12, 2008 at 1:55 PM  

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