Belgium produced some great punk rock in the late 70's and two total killers have been re-issued on vinyl recently: the Hubble Bubble LP from 1977 and Raxola's 1978 self-titled LP. These re-presses are brought to us by the good people at Radio Heartbeat Records, located in Brooklyn, NY. With a name like Radio Heartbeat, one might expect a catalogue full of light-weight, limp-wristed nancy boy bands that always pose knock-kneed with skinny ties, leg warmers and pouty lips and play songs about scented love letters with thin, wimpy stereo chorus saturated guitars amped somewhere between 5 and 6. Well, that's only some of what you get with Radio Heartbeat. You can also get genuine rockers like Raxola and Hubble Bubble. Both re-issues are done properly and are fully licensed and all that fun legal stuff. The pressings are good. The sound is great. Nice cover reproduction. Both worth the money. I like the Hubble Bubble better but that's not a knock on the Raxola. Hubble Bubble is more quirky with weird pop hooks and unique production. The record holds the test of time and really doesn't sound like anyone else. Even when they're chugging through a relatively cliche riff, they're distinctive. Raxola is more of a straight ahead punker with crafty songs of varying tempos. You can decide for yourself which you like better by sampling a little of each below, but you really should buy 'em both.
HUBBLE BUBBLE - New Promotion
HUBBLE BUBBLE - Freaks...Out!
RAXOLA - 84's Man
RAXOLA - Thalidomide Child
RAXOLA - Panic In The Sewers


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