A short time ago, I got a handful of singles by New Orleans' favorite power trio, Die Rotzz. These fine Southern gentlemen recently came to New York to kick some Yankee ass, and that's just what they did. They played a local Brooklyn establishment, Don Pedro's, on the 22nd of September to a relatively empty house. Despite the thin crowd, Die Rotzz gnarled through a tight 15 minute set with amps and attitude on 11. I must say, Don Pedro's certainly knows how to treat a band like shit. Die Rotzz had to beg for a complimentary beer while they were in the middle of their set and the best that anyone could do for our out-of-town guests was to bring them a few crappy Coronas. Nasty. For a band that has been described as sounding like Hitler farting into a fan miked to a Fender Twin w/holes in the speakers, they're pretty damn good. In fact, how could one not like a band that evokes such wicked words. I read other reviews that referred to them as hate punk and scuzz punk. I don't know what either of those terms mean. To me, it's just simple, good ol' boy rock-n-roll played by a bunch of troublemakers. One could ask for little more when seeking something to clench a fist or some teeth to. For the vinyl junkies of the world, Die Rotzz has put out a number of very limited seven inch singles on various labels, including Jeth-Row Records, Big Black Hole Records and Die Slaughterhaus Records. Though some of their cover art has that homemade, slapped together during a hangover at Kinkos look, the band is capable of getting a little artsy (see the excellent Bongoût Graphics pic sleeve art featured above). A few of their singles are splits. One with the Carbonas (who do a spot-on version of Zero Boys' Stoned To Death on it) and another with Scripts. I like all the singles that I have and share a couple samples of this band's greatness below. If you dig these, check their website for more mp3's & info on how to order their fast-selling singles.
DIE ROTZZ - What I Need
DIE ROTZZ - Uptown Ruler


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