Installment Three: French new wavers GAZOLINE and 84 FLESH. Here are two bands I know very little about. Both hail from Paris, they were both short-lived and both released some pretty damn good singles. Alain Kan was the singer / front man for GAZOLINE. Alain had an interesting music career dating back to the mid-Sixties and he apparently disappeared in 1990. GAZOLINE released two singles, Sally, and, Killer Man, which was comped on Killed By Death Vol. 1. Killer Man is classic nutzo late '70's punk and one of the best featured in the KBD series. I wish I found Killer Man but I'm not complaining about the Sally single. Released in 1977, this single is really ahead of its time (though the photo of the band tends to date it). The titular a-side is not as interesting and less abrassive than the b-side, Electric Injection (which I included below). Electric Injection is a truly nifty piece with mechanical, atonal guitar riffing and frantic, nasal vocals. If nothing else, this song shows that the band could get a little artsy as well as rock. I bought it from a French-Canadian dealer who actually used that fingertip kissing hand gesture thing that seems so stereotypically French to express his opinion about GAZOLINE. All I could say in return was, oui oui! 84 FLESH is a band I know even less about. I know this is their only 7" single and that it was released in 1978. I believe they had a couple of songs on a comp but that's it. They used to be called 1984 and were also included on one of the early Killed By Death comps (Vol. 3). I am providing the same song as that KBD, Salted City, since the b-side, D-Section, is not as strong. It's not terrible by any means but it is the a-side that does it for me. I don't want to reveal exactly how much I spent on these, but I will say that together they set me back less than $50. Not a bad deal since Popsike shows that the GAZOLINE has sold for as much as $70 in the past. Now you can check 'em out for free.
GAZOLINE - Electric Injection
84 FLESH - Salted City


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