Installment Two: FRUMPY. Here's a real find from the WFMU Record Fair - a sealed copy of the second Frumpy record, aptly titled, FRUMPY 2. This is an excellent addition to any Krautrock collection, especially mine. Originally issued on Phillips in 1971 with a different cover, this particular pressing was released by Fontana in 1976 as part of its "Attention!" series. The jaw-dropping artwork is mesmerizing. One cannot help but stare in both awe and disbelief at the dated yet still ahead-of-its-time look of the cover and its incredible likeness of the band's singer. Brilliant. I recently learned of Frumpy while watching the Krautrock DVD collection previously discussed on this blog. I don't know much about 'em other than they formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1969, the singer's name is Inga Rumpf and the band's name means unbecoming. Inga had a long & healthy career in Germany after Frumpy disband, as did other members of the group. The music on this record is total stoner rock with classical organ riffs and jazz overtones. I know that makes it sound a bit gross but it's not. It's a great record that I cannot get enough of. I look forward to getting my hands on other Frumpy releases. To date, this is the only one I've heard. I know the band was great live, as there are at least three different live tracks on the Krautrock DVD set & they're all quite captivating. Check out one of my faves from Frumpy 2 below. This is also the shortest song on the record.
FRUMPY - Take Care Of Illusion


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