Obsession is a great new double LP released on Bully Records. It is a collection of first-rate hard rock and psych rarities spanning the years 1967 thru 1974 compiled by stoner rock connoisseur extroadinare, Mike Davis. This collection makes the unatainable gems that psychedelic dreams are made of accessible to mere mortals for the first time. Even if you are well-versed and equally obsessed with the compulsive world of collectible and obscure records, you will still find stuff on this release that will raise more than an eyebrow. Included in this incredible treasury are South American rock luminaries like La Barra De Chocolate and Los Chickichaka; Tropicalia rarities from Quarteto Nova Era, Flavio Kurt and Suely e Os Kantikus; and Turkish legends Arif Sag & Erkin Koray, to name just a few. The centerpiece of this project, Obsession, by India's most popular rock band, Atomic Forest, is alone worth the price of admission into this mystical foray around the globe. Each track is a total monster and will have you wondering how the hell you made it this far in life without ever hearing this stuff before. There's a mighty 15 tracks in all. Both the deluxe gatefold LP and CD contain liner notes providing a brief bio and a few words about each selection. If you like your rock-n-roll guitar nice-n-fuzzy with extra wah, then this, my friend, is for you. Contact Academy Records directly to obtain a copy of this killer before they're gone. You won't regret it.

Here are the tracks:

1) Atomic Forest - Intro / Obsession '77 (Inida 197?)
2) Quarteto Nova Era - De Repente (Brazil 1968)
3) Arif Sag - Osman Pelivan (Turkey 1972)
4) Sonora Casino - Astronautas A Mercurio (Peru 1972)
5) Flavio Kurt - Walderez Walderea (Brazil 1971)
6) Erkin Koray - Hor Gorme Garibi (Turkey 1972)
7) Novos Bahianos - Globo Morto (Brazil 1971)
8) Los Chikichaka - Musica Mulata (Uruguay 1973)
9) Arnaud Rodriguez - Murituri (Brazil 1972)
10) Ovni 87 - Sueno Un Camino (Uruguay 1968)
11) Suely e Os Kantikus - Esperanto (Brazil 1968)
12) Jean Paul "El Troglodita" - Everything Is Gonna Change (Peru 1972)
13) Ersen - Gonese Don Cicegim (Turkey 1974)
14) Barra De Chocolate - Ladron De Un Prisonero (Argentina 1967)
15) Atomic Forest - Obsession '77 Version 2 (India 197?)


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Thanks! This is beautiful.

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uau !!
interesting ufo

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